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2016-12-26 07:14:35 by Drake


what the hell

2013-04-03 14:22:47 by Drake

where the fuck am i and why am i here

Valentine's Day!

2012-02-11 01:01:35 by Drake

While it's not here yet, I do wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

I would also like to make a shout out to Neoncouch, my Valentine this year.

Hey there.

2012-02-07 23:50:10 by Drake

Wot are you doing?


2011-12-09 19:39:58 by Drake

What a funny word.

i say "hello"

2011-11-06 17:36:39 by Drake

you say "goodbye"

Drake's Pointless Trivia!

2011-09-14 21:58:42 by Drake

Answer some questions, get the prize of having your name on (possibly) a(nother) news post!

Here's the first bunch of questions:

What does a fish say when it's frustrated? (fish pun)

What does one dolphin say to the other when they accidentally collide? (fish pun) answered by kisame

Skatrcusb si orteraved & oivrpcerd. answered by Riverygrey

Which genre of music am I currently partial to? (HINT: see Brony List video)

Where's the beef? answered by Tateos

What was my current (at the time of this news post) AIM icon, specifically? answered by Tateos

How many songs do I have? (closest number wins; it's over 10k but under 15k)


More questions will be added after this first bunch has been answered.

NG Brony List!

2011-07-16 22:25:04 by Drake

Because Bronies might not know other users who are also Bronies.

There's a MLP: FiM club!


Comments/PMs/IMs containing the usernames of NG Bronies will have those users added to the list. If you wish to remain anonymous (only via PM/IM/Steam), you must state this, otherwise you will be credited. Note: you don't have to be a Brony to contribute.

Bronies (listed from oldest to newest additions):

ComradeMolotov (confirmed by BumFodder)
betteratbrawl7777 (thanks to betteratbrawl7777)
Rockyusa (thanks to Rockyusa)
BumFodder (thanks to BumFodder)
FurryNG (thanks to daethdrain)
kisame (thanks to kisame)
Lintire (thanks to kisame)
Valjylmyr (confirmed by Valjylmyr)
J-Cobyz (thanks to J-Cobyz)
RubberTrucky (thanks to daethdrain)
daethdrain (thanks to daethdrain)
shrimpchris (thanks to shrimpchris)
Asandir (thanks to BumFodder)
Gerbil (thanks to Gerbil)
Mechabloby (thanks to Mechabloby)
HailSaban (thanks to HailSaban)
Kunera (thanks to Kunera)
Finalfina (thanks to Finalfina)
Oliver (thanks to Gerbil)
Bogoblin (thanks to Bogoblin)
tox (thanks to daethdrain)
malachi117 (thanks to Kunera)
coleknows (thanks to HeavyMetalGuy)
Viri (thanks to HeavyMetalGuy)
halosss (thanks to halosss)
mrpwnzer (thanks to BumFodder)
FlyingNinjaBannanas (thanks to FurryNG)
Quinny (thanks to shrimpchris)
Sleufoot2010 (thanks to FlyingNinjaBannanas)
The-Great-One (thanks to The-Great-One)
PePpEr828 (thanks to PePpEr828)
yos2 (thanks to BumFodder)
Norix (thanks to shrimpchris)
JohnEndel959 (thanks to shrimpchris)
Bryan (thanks to tox)
ImaSmartass2 (thanks to tox)
MindChamber (shocking! Thanks to Makeshift)
Chocomilk (thanks to Chocomilk)
distoorted (thanks to HeavyMetalGuy
36Holla (thanks to Ryan)
Timmy (thanks to Ryan)
Shauna (thanks to Ryan)
Confucianism (thanks to Confucianism)
Klik (thanks to Klik)
Lunaful (thanks to Lunaful)
Eddmario (thanks to Eddmario)
MrPercie (thanks to MrPercie)
Pinkie-Pie (thanks to Pinkie-Pie)
STEM (confirmed by Bryan)
manicjudgement (thanks toJ-Cobyz)
jabmoreno (thanks to J-Cobyz)
Morph94 (thanks to J-Cobyz)
QuietStealth (unconfirmed)
Unknown-12 (thanks to Unknown-12)
jake-thesnake (thanks to jake-thesnake)
EpiMedic7 (thanks to J-Cobyz)
magnumheadshot702 (thanks to J-Cobyz)
skaterdude411 (thanks to skaterdude411)
Pjorg (thanks to Pjorg)
Iccc (thanks to Iccc)
Outlaw88 (thanks to Outlaw88)
megakill (thanks to HeavyMetalGuy)
killerrob (thanks to killerrob)
urimas (thanks to J-Cobyz)
Sisenik (thanks to J-Cobyz)
Sevkat (added for the lulz)
razorbladesigh (thanks to razorbladesigh)
NyanLock (thanks to J-Cobyz)
Mrmongooseman (thanks to Mrmongooseman)
Psych (thanks to shrimpchris)
All-American-Badass (thanks to shrimpchris)
HotDiggedyDemon (thanks to Pjorg)
resd (thanks to shrimpchris)
krilly (thanks to shrimpchris)
Chdonga (thanks to shrimpchris)
MintPaw (thanks to shrimpchris)
Bashsc (thanks to FurryNG)
Ugilitiozavrus (thanks to FurryNG)
Pocketpod (thanks to FurryNG)
zcxvcbvnbmn (thanks to FurryNG)
DarkHalcyon (thanks to FurryNG)
abcruler (thanks to FurryNG)
DualGunner (thanks to FurryNG)
forgivensake (unconfirmed; thanks to FurryNG)
glrr (thanks to FurryNG)
Goombella (thanks to FurryNG)
Nekit1234007 (thanks to FurryNG)
termitater88 (thanks to FurryNG)
ZIGZAG4EVER (thanks to FurryNG)
Egoraptor (unconfirmed; thanks to FurryNG)
kakalxlax (thanks to Xenomit)
Dark-critical (thanks to Dark-critical)
MarinesSpecOps (thanks to shrimpchris)
Rozenbuddy (thanks to shrimpchris)
Bannanaphone (thanks to shrimpchris)
EddsWorld (unconfirmed; thanks to FurryNG)
Grub-Xer0 (thanks to Ryan)
Phobotech (thanks to shrimpchris)
KFMN (thanks to shrimpchris)
JakBaronKing (thanks to shrimpchris)
DragonOverlord2012 (thanks to DragonOverlord2012)
Rainboom (thanks to Rainboom)
111122223138 (thanks to Corpus-Delicti)
Ericho (thanks to The-Great-One)
Athir (thanks to Athir)
Suprememessage (thanks to Suprememessage)
Rhinocerider (thanks to Rhinocerider)
Salnax (thanks to Salnax)
Michaely385 (thanks to Michaely385)
narutoblackman (thanks to Bryan & narutoblackman)
PinkRose11 (thanks to PinkRose11)
Greenfrost6 (thanks to Greenfrost6)
Xyphon202 (thanks to Xyphon202)
DubCore (thanks to Xenomit)
RYNOL (thanks to Finalfina)
Luis (thanks to The-Great-One)
Dunkane (thanks to shrimpchris)
Urijah (thanks to shrimpchris)
sweetcommando (thanks to shrimpchris)
xXxwarren6543xXx (thanks to shrimpchris)
FlockMastaBack (thanks to Finalfina)
mizzjuicyflava (thanks to Finalfina)
TwittSoup (thanks to TwittSoup)
Tribal (thanks to Tribal)
Gamewiz (thanks to Gamewiz)
Glowandstar (thanks to Glowandstar)
MattTheParanoidKat (thanks to MattTheParanoidKat)
Alex616 (thanks to Alex616)
ElectroKitty (thanks to ElectroKitty)
MikeyS9607 (thanks to MikeyS9607)
Alfa995 (thanks to DragonOverlord2012)
Dan12905 (thanks to Dan12905)
Solrac (thanks to Solrac)
Kiari847 (thanks to Kiary847)
powerdude964 (thanks to powerdude964)
TruBluFoxx (thanks to TruBluFoxx)

Celestiaspeed, Bronies.

Happy Robot Day.

2011-07-10 19:36:05 by Drake

Enjoy the robotics stuff etc.

Indefinite list of people whom I find cool and uncool on NG.

2011-06-13 16:55:45 by Drake

Indefinite being it will be updated over time, and lists are currently incomplete.

NOTE: Certain people can fall into multiple categories. Lists are also in no particular order.

Addict - Is nice to people.
Rucklo - Rather lulzy at moderating but still efficient at it.
Space-Whale - A rather memorable name with a memorable personality!
BlakeMo - Even with piss in his lemon drank, he is nice & witty.
Tateos - An 08 user with good taste and good jokes. Somewhat inactive, but still cool.
CosmicDeath - Illustrated Timmy's epic beard. Also has very lovely shoulders.
Luis - Everybody's favorite Hispanic staff member that travels to exotic locations.
Timmy - Epicly bearded and well-mannered.
Alchemist94 - Knows a joke when he sees it.
EyeLovePoozy - A firm, yet respectable person both on and off the BBS.
Gagsy - Best female UK user on the BBS. Actually, best female user on NG period.
TheJamoke - Newgrounds' Photoshop King.
Gobblemeister - He's so uncool that he's cool.
Coop - I forgot why he's cool.
Bahamut - Everyone's favorite dragon.
TehSlapHappy - Everybody hates Slappy. But they love his rap.
Rig - THE Audio Mod! Also makes music for games.
Rooster - Everybody's favorite cock!
HeavyMetalGuy - ur ghey olol but I still luff yew. (totally homo btw)
Chronamut - Newgrounds' resident bear lover.
EvilJesus - [classified]
Evark - One of the more friendly, laid back mods.
Bees - Makes fun of furries and takes a lot of hate. Also raps with Slappy.
FatKidWitAJetPak - Wanna buy a watch?
Shauna - Third most awesomest female user of Newgrounds.
Gooch - Tainted, apparently, but one of the better former mods.
FUNKbrs - Pope of Hate and psychobilly band member.
JadeTheAssassin - She fucks ninjas. Second coolest female user on NG.
SteelChair - Lovable rascal takes my hate and condenses it into tacos to eat.
DevourerJay - One of the handful of sorta older users who isn't a douchebag.
Strength - You should've grabbed his cock.
Ragnarokia - Posts yaoi and doesn't afraid of anything. Also a brony.
Grub-Xer0 - Everyone's favorite black user.
Drony - Drony the brony who will occasionally post a picture of a pony.

Uncool people! Hsssss!
FireWOLF109 - Not the brightest person on the BBS.
towellyfan - Looked like a jackass a number of times. At least he's improving.
Gobblemeister - He's so cool that he's uncool.
Bees - I dunno why he's here.
YouLostTheGame - She lost her coolness when she left. Good times were had until then.
BananaBreadMuffin - Former Nazi mod. I miss when he was crazy with that stuff.
Jon - wreckages was better.
SteelChair - Lame-ass.
Rage - Formerly RageVI. Cool until "VI" was removed from his username.

Scout's mom